dotnet cli template to create Bolero applications
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Bolero Simple Template

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This template can be used as a base to create a Bolero application.

To learn more, you can check the documentation.


To get started, you need the following installed:

  • .NET Core SDK 2.1.403 or newer. Download it here.

Creating a project based on this template

To create a project based on this template, first install the template to your local dotnet:

dotnet new -i Bolero.Templates

Then, you can create a project like so:

dotnet new bolero-app -o YourAppName

This will create a project in a new folder named YourAppName.

Template options

You can use the following options to customize the project being created:

  • --server=true|false:

    If true, the solution includes a Server project, which is an ASP.NET Core server that hosts the application.

    If false, the solution only contains the Client project that is compiled to WebAssembly.

    The default is server=true.

Using this template

Visual Studio Code or Visual Studio is recommended to edit this project.

To compile the project, you can run:

dotnet build

To run it:

dotnet run -p src/YourAppName.Server

# Or if you created the project with --server=false:
dotnet run -p src/YourAppName.Client

Project structure

  • src/YourAppName.Client is the project that gets compiled to WebAssembly, and contains your client-side code.

    • Startup.fs sets up Blazor to get the application started.

    • Main.fs contains the main body of the page.

  • src/YourAppName.Server is the host ASP.NET Core application, and contains your server-side code.

Learn more about Bolero

To learn more about Bolero, you can check the documentation.