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Using Blazor features

This page documents some useful features of Blazor and how to best use them from a Bolero application.

Dependency injection

Blazor provides the ability to work with the dependency injection mechanism introduced by ASP.NET Core. Learn more about it on the official documentation.

Requiring a dependency

Any Blazor component can require a dependency. This includes the Bolero ProgramComponent, as well as any Component class you create. This is done by creating a mutable property with the attribute Microsoft.AspNetCore.Components.Inject:

open Microsoft.AspNetCore.Components
open Bolero

type MyApp() =
    inherit ProgramComponent<Model, Message>()
    member val MyDependency = Unchecked.defaultof<IMyDependency> with get, set
    override this.Program =
        doSomethingWith this.MyDependency

Providing a dependency

Dependencies are injected from the client-side Startup class's ConfigureServices method:

type Startup() =

    member __.ConfigureServices(services: IServiceCollection) =
        services.AddSingleton<IMyDependency>(new MyDependency()) |> ignore
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