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thebrig is a set of PHP pages used to create and manage FreeBSD jails on Nas4Free. 

The main advantage of thebrig is that it leverages the existing webgui control 
and accounting mechanisms found within Nas4Free, and can be used on an embedded 

The contents of this directory should be placed in a persistent, desired folder. Once there, 
the script thebrig_start.sh should be run. This script will appropriately create the /ext
folder within /usr/local/www folder, as well as populate it with the needed php files. The 
script does this by examining the location it was executed from, and dynamically copies and
creates the necessary symlinks. 

The installation of this would be accomplished by running thebrig_install script that would 
be run from the desired desination folder. The script would fetch the tarball of the necessary 
files, extract them to the current directory, and create a file /tmp/thebrig.tmp that contains
the current path. Upon the extension's first run, this data would be read by the webgui, and 
subsequently stored in the Nas4Free XML config. 

Copyright 2013.