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A distribution package for WordPress with added ddev support
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Installation steps for WordPress-Distribution

What this distribution does?

This distribution helps you to get a local new and fresh WordPress for everything you want (e.g. Developing, Testing, etc.)

What this distribution need?

  1. Docker (see the System Requirements on ddev)
  2. ddev

Install using ddev (recommended)

  1. Download and install ddev
  2. Clone the repository for a new project git clone your-project
  3. Run cd your-project
  4. Run ddev wordpress (only for the first start, after you can use ddev start)
  5. Open in your browser to log into the backend (Default: admin-ddev, Password: prompt for you)

Customisations (before ddev wordpress)

  1. Change the language and the version for WordPress in the docker-compose.wordpress-env.yaml file (Default: de_DE and latest)
  2. Change the title for your WordPress
  3. Change the plugins for your WordPress
  4. Change the wp-cli packages for your WordPress

ddev Custom Commands in the Distribution

Host commands

ddev wordpress: You need it only the first time, because its updates the wp cli inside the web container and after it installs your WordPress

Container commands

wp-create: It will download the WordPress and some plugins. You can customize it for your need

wp-recreate: It will delete your WordPress and starts with a new and fresh WordPress

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