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version 5.176.4
content: none
// just in case we need some special nuget feature again...
nuget FSharp.Core ~> 4.1 redirects: force
nuget Knockout
nuget NuGet.CommandLine
nuget Paket.Core prerelease
nuget RavenDB.Server
nuget serilog.sinks.nlog 1.5.4
nuget Argu >= 3.3.0
nuget FsCheck
nuget FsCheck.Xunit
nuget Unquote
nuget NUnit
nuget NUnit.Console
nuget Nancy.Authentication.Stateless
nuget Nancy.Hosting.Self
nuget Nancy.Serialization.JsonNet
nuget Nancy.Authentication.Forms
nuget Nancy.Hosting.Aspnet
nuget Nancy.Viewengines.Razor
nuget SSH.NET
// Because of net45 support
nuget Microsoft.Web.Administration 7.0.0
nuget Mono.Web.Xdt
nuget Mono.Cecil prerelease
nuget Nuget.Core
nuget FParsec
nuget bootstrap
nuget Knockout.Mapping
nuget log4net 2.0.5
nuget System.Web.Razor.Unofficial
nuget toastr
nuget RavenDB.Client < 3
nuget Machine.Specifications.Should 0.8
nuget Machine.Specifications 0.9.3
nuget Machine.Specifications.Runner.Console
nuget Nancy.Testing
nuget xunit.runner.console
nuget xunit
nuget Newtonsoft.Json redirects:force
nuget Microsoft.AspNet.Razor 2.0.30506
nuget Microsoft.AspNet.WebPages 2.0.30506
nuget FluentMigrator 2.0.6
nuget FluentMigrator.Abstractions 2.0.6
nuget FluentMigrator.Extensions.SqlAnywhere 2.0.6
nuget FluentMigrator.Extensions.SqlServer 2.0.6
nuget FluentMigrator.Runner 2.0.6
nuget FluentMigrator.Runner.Core 2.0.6
nuget FluentMigrator.Runner.Db2 2.0.6
nuget FluentMigrator.Runner.Firebird 2.0.6
nuget FluentMigrator.Runner.Hana 2.0.6
nuget FluentMigrator.Runner.Jet 2.0.6
nuget FluentMigrator.Runner.MySql 2.0.6
nuget FluentMigrator.Runner.Oracle 2.0.6
nuget FluentMigrator.Runner.Postgres 2.0.6
nuget FluentMigrator.Runner.Redshift 2.0.6
nuget FluentMigrator.Runner.SqlAnywhere 2.0.6
nuget FluentMigrator.Runner.SQLite 2.0.6
nuget FluentMigrator.Runner.SqlServer 2.0.6
nuget FluentMigrator.Runner.SqlServerCe 2.0.6
nuget HashLib
nuget FSharp.Compiler.Service content: none
nuget Octokit
nuget System.Net.Http
nuget Microsoft.DotNet.PlatformAbstractions
nuget FSharp.Control.Reactive
nuget System.Reactive.Compatibility
// From FSharp.Compiler.Service, but manually managed because of rename
nuget System.ValueTuple copy_local: true, redirects:force
github matthid/Yaaf.FSharp.Scripting src/source/Yaaf.FSharp.Scripting/YaafFSharpScripting.fs
group DocsLegacyV4
nuget FAKE ~> 4.0
group DocsLegacyV5
nuget FAKE ~> 5.0
group TestAdapter
nuget Expecto.VisualStudio.TestAdapter version_in_path: true
group Build
content: none
nuget FSharp.Core ~> 4.1
nuget NuGet.CommandLine
nuget FAKE prerelease
nuget FSharp.Formatting prerelease
nuget FSharp.Formatting.CommandTool prerelease
nuget SourceLink.Fake
nuget ILRepack
nuget RoslynTools.ReferenceAssemblies
nuget Newtonsoft.Json
github fsharp/FAKE modules/Octokit/Octokit.fsx
group NetcoreBuild
storage: none
// 2018-07-08: Until we use a runner > 5.1, see
nuget FSharp.Core < 4.5
nuget Suave
nuget System.AppContext prerelease
nuget Paket.Core prerelease
nuget Fake.Api.GitHub prerelease
nuget Fake.Core.Target prerelease
nuget Fake.Core.SemVer prerelease
nuget Fake.BuildServer.AppVeyor prerelease
nuget Fake.BuildServer.TeamCity prerelease
nuget Fake.BuildServer.Travis prerelease
nuget Fake.BuildServer.TeamFoundation prerelease
nuget Fake.BuildServer.GitLab prerelease
nuget Fake.IO.FileSystem prerelease
nuget Fake.IO.Zip prerelease
nuget Fake.Core.ReleaseNotes prerelease
nuget Fake.DotNet.AssemblyInfoFile prerelease
nuget Fake.DotNet.MsBuild prerelease
nuget Fake.DotNet.Cli prerelease
nuget Fake.DotNet.NuGet prerelease
nuget Fake.DotNet.Paket prerelease
nuget Fake.DotNet.FSFormatting prerelease
nuget Fake.DotNet.Testing.MSpec prerelease
nuget Fake.DotNet.Testing.XUnit2 prerelease
nuget Fake.DotNet.Testing.NUnit prerelease
nuget Fake.Windows.Chocolatey prerelease
nuget Fake.Tools.Git prerelease
nuget Mono.Cecil prerelease
nuget Octokit
nuget Newtonsoft.Json
// New group because of FSharp.Core 4.5 upgrade, see
group netcorerunner
storage: none
framework: net46, net462, netstandard1.6, netstandard2.0, netcoreapp2.0, netcoreapp2.1
nuget FSharp.Core
nuget Paket.Core
nuget Mono.Cecil
nuget Microsoft.NETCore.App framework: netstandard1.6, netstandard2.0, netcoreapp1.1
nuget NETStandard.Library ~> 2.0
nuget Packaging.Targets
group netcore
storage: none
framework: net46, net462, netstandard1.6, netstandard2.0, netcoreapp2.0, netcoreapp2.1
nuget Microsoft.NETCore.App framework: netstandard1.6, netstandard2.0, netcoreapp1.1
nuget FSharp.Compiler.Service storage: packages, content: none
nuget Microsoft.DotNet.PlatformAbstractions ~> 2.0
nuget NETStandard.Library ~> 2.0
// Starting from 2018-07-08 this needs to be <4.5 to not break 5.0 and 5.1 releases
// After some time we can upgrade this (and consolidate the netcore and netcorerunner groups)
// but not before 2018-11
nuget FSharp.Core < 4.5
nuget FParsec
nuget Octokit
nuget Newtonsoft.Json
nuget Paket.Core prerelease
nuget Mono.Cecil prerelease
nuget FSharp.Control.Reactive
nuget System.Reactive.Compatibility
// Testing
nuget Expecto >= 5.0
nuget System.Runtime.Numerics
nuget System.Xml.XPath
nuget System.Xml.XPath.XDocument
nuget System.Xml.XPath.XmlDocument
nuget System.Linq.Parallel
nuget System.Diagnostics.FileVersionInfo
nuget System.Diagnostics.Process
nuget System.IO.Compression
nuget System.IO.Compression.ZipFile
nuget System.Runtime.Loader
nuget System.IO.FileSystem.Watcher