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/// Contains tasks to stage and deploy Azure website and webjobs using source code deployment with Kudu Sync.
module Fake.Azure.Kudu
open System
open System.IO
open System.Net.Http
open Fake.Core
open Fake.IO
/// Location where staged outputs should go before synced up to the site.
let deploymentTemp = Environment.environVarOrDefault "DEPLOYMENT_TEMP" (Path.GetTempPath() + "kudutemp")
/// Location where synced outputs should be deployed to.
let deploymentTarget = Environment.environVarOrDefault "DEPLOYMENT_TARGET" (Path.GetTempPath() + "kudutarget")
/// Used by KuduSync for tracking and diffing deployments.
let nextManifestPath = Environment.environVarOrDefault "NEXT_MANIFEST_PATH" String.Empty
/// Used by KuduSync for tracking and diffing deployments.
let previousManifestPath = Environment.environVarOrDefault "PREVIOUS_MANIFEST_PATH" String.Empty
/// The path to the KuduSync application.
let kuduPath =
Environment.environVarOrNone "GO_WEB_CONFIG_TEMPLATE"
|> function
| Some goWebConfigTemplate -> Path.GetDirectoryName goWebConfigTemplate
| None -> "."
|> DirectoryInfo.ofPath
/// The different types of web jobs.
type WebJobType = Scheduled | Continuous
// Some initial cleanup / prep
Directory.ensure deploymentTemp |> ignore
Directory.ensure deploymentTarget |> ignore
Shell.cleanDir deploymentTemp
/// <summary>
/// Stages a folder and all subdirectories into the temp deployment area, ready for deployment into the website.
/// </summary>
/// <param name="source">The source folder to copy.</param>
/// <param name="shouldInclude">A predicate which includes files from the folder. If the entire directory should be copied, this predicate should always return true.</param>
let stageFolder source shouldInclude =
Shell.copyRecursive source deploymentTemp true
|> Seq.filter (not << shouldInclude)
|> Seq.iter File.Delete
/// Gets the path for deploying a web job to.
let getWebJobPath webJobType webJobName =
let webJobType = match webJobType with Scheduled -> "triggered" | Continuous -> "continuous"
sprintf @"%s\app_data\jobs\%s\%s\" deploymentTemp webJobType webJobName
/// Stages a set of files into a WebJob folder in the temp deployment area, ready for deployment into the website as a webjob.
let stageWebJob webJobType webJobName files =
let webJobPath = getWebJobPath webJobType webJobName
Directory.ensure webJobPath |> ignore
files |> Shell.copyFiles webJobPath
/// Synchronises all staged files from the temporary deployment to the actual deployment, removing
/// any obsolete files, updating changed files and adding new files.
let kuduSync() =
let result =
Process.execWithResult(fun psi ->
{ psi with
FileName = Path.Combine(kuduPath.FullName, "kudusync.cmd")
Arguments = Args.toWindowsCommandLine [ "-v"; "50"; "-f"; deploymentTemp; "-t"; deploymentTarget; "-n"; nextManifestPath; "-p"; previousManifestPath; "-i"; ".git;.hg;.deployment;deploy.cmd" ]})
(TimeSpan.FromMinutes 5.)
result.Results |> Seq.iter (fun cm -> printfn "%O: %s" cm.Timestamp cm.Message)
if not result.OK then failwith "Error occurred during Kudu Sync deployment."
/// Kudu ZipDeploy parameters
type ZipDeployParams =
{ /// The url of the website, usually in the format of https://<yourwebsite>
Url : Uri
/// The WebDeploy or Git username, usually the $username from the site's publish profile
UserName : string
/// The WebDeploy or Git Password
Password : string
/// The path to the zip archive to upload
PackageLocation: string }
/// Synchronizes contents of the zip package with the target web app using Kudu ZipDeploy.
/// See
let zipDeploy { Url = uri; UserName = username; Password = password; PackageLocation = zipFile } =
let authToken = Convert.ToBase64String(Text.Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(username + ":" + password))
let statusCode =
use client = new HttpClient(Timeout = TimeSpan.FromMilliseconds 300000.)
client.DefaultRequestHeaders.Authorization <- Headers.AuthenticationHeaderValue("Basic", authToken)
use fileStream = new FileStream(zipFile, FileMode.Open)
use content = new StreamContent(fileStream)
content.Headers.ContentType <- Headers.MediaTypeHeaderValue("multipart/form-data")
let response = client.PostAsync(uri.AbsoluteUri + "api/zipdeploy", content).Result
if statusCode = Net.HttpStatusCode.OK then
Trace.tracefn "Deployed %s" uri.AbsoluteUri
failwithf "Failed to deploy package with status code %A" statusCode
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