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/// Contains tasks to package and deploy [Azure Web Jobs]( via the [Kudu]( Zip controller
/// **Note: This documentation is for FAKE version 5.0 or later. The old documentation can be found [here](/legacy-azurewebjobs.html)**
module Fake.Azure.WebJobs
open System
open System.IO
open System.Net.Http
open System.Net
open System.Text
open Fake.IO
open Fake.Core
/// The running modes of webjobs
type WebJobType =
| Continuous
| Triggered
type WebClientWithTimeout() =
inherit WebClient()
member val Timeout = 600000 with get, set
override x.GetWebRequest uri =
let r = base.GetWebRequest(uri)
r.Timeout <- x.Timeout
/// WebJob type
type WebJob =
/// The name of the web job, this will also be the name out of zip file.
Name : string
/// Specifies what type of webjob this is. Note that this also determines it's deployment location on Azure
JobType : WebJobType
/// The project to be zipped and deployed as a webjob
Project : string
/// The directory path of the webjob to zip
DirectoryToPackage : string
/// The package path to once zipped
PackageLocation: string }
/// The website that webjobs are deployed to
type WebSite =
/// The url of the website, usually in the format of https://<yourwebsite>
Url : Uri
/// The FTP username, usually the $username from the site's publish profile
UserName : string
/// The FTP Password
Password : string
/// The webjobs to deploy to this web site
WebJobs : WebJob list }
let private jobTypePath webJobType =
match webJobType with
| WebJobType.Continuous -> "continuous"
| WebJobType.Triggered -> "triggered"
let private zipWebJob webSite webJob =
let packageFile = FileInfo.ofPath webJob.PackageLocation
DirectoryInfo.ensure packageFile.Directory
let zipName = webJob.PackageLocation
let filesToZip = Directory.GetFiles(webJob.DirectoryToPackage, "*.*", SearchOption.AllDirectories)
Trace.tracefn "Zipping %s webjob to %s" webJob.Project webJob.PackageLocation
Zip.createZip webJob.DirectoryToPackage zipName "" 0 false filesToZip
/// This task to can be used create a zip for each webjob to deploy to a website
/// The output structure is: `outputpath/{websitename}/webjobs/{continuous/triggered}/{webjobname}.zip`
/// ## Parameters
/// - `webSites` - The websites and webjobs to build zips from.
let packageWebJobs webSites =
webSites |> List.iter (fun webSite -> webSite.WebJobs |> List.iter (zipWebJob webSite))
let private deployWebJobToWebSite webSite webJob =
let uploadUri = Uri(webSite.Url, sprintf "api/zip/site/wwwroot/App_Data/jobs/%s/%s" (jobTypePath webJob.JobType) webJob.Name)
let filePath = webJob.PackageLocation
Trace.tracefn "Deploying %s webjob to %O" filePath uploadUri
use client = new HttpClient(Timeout = TimeSpan.FromMilliseconds 600000.)
let authToken = Convert.ToBase64String(Text.Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(webSite.UserName + ":" + webSite.Password))
client.DefaultRequestHeaders.Authorization <- Headers.AuthenticationHeaderValue("Basic", authToken)
use fileStream = new FileStream(filePath, FileMode.Open)
use content = new StreamContent(fileStream)
content.Headers.ContentType <- Headers.MediaTypeHeaderValue("application/zip")
let response = client.PutAsync(uploadUri, content).Result
let result = response.Content.ReadAsStringAsync().Result
Trace.tracefn "Response from webjob upload: %s" result
use client = new WebClientWithTimeout(Credentials = NetworkCredential(webSite.UserName, webSite.Password))
client.Headers.Add(HttpRequestHeader.ContentType, "application/zip")
let response = client.UploadFile(uploadUri, "PUT", filePath)
Trace.tracefn "Response from webjob upload: %s" (Encoding.ASCII.GetString response)
let private deployWebJobsToWebSite webSite =
webSite.WebJobs |> List.iter (deployWebJobToWebSite webSite)
/// This task to can be used deploy a prebuilt webjob zip to a website
/// ## Parameters
/// - `webSites` - The websites and webjobs to deploy.
let deployWebJobs webSites =
webSites |> List.iter deployWebJobsToWebSite