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/// Contains support for various build servers
namespace Fake.BuildServer
open System
open System.IO
open Fake.Core
open Fake.IO
/// native support for Travis specific APIs.
/// The general documentation on how to use CI server integration can be found [here](/buildserver.html).
/// This module does not provide any special APIs please use FAKE APIs and they should integrate into this CI server.
/// If some integration is not working as expected or you have features you would like to use directly please open an issue.
module Travis =
/// Implements a TraceListener for TeamCity build servers.
/// ## Parameters
/// - `importantMessagesToStdErr` - Defines whether to trace important messages to StdErr.
/// - `colorMap` - A function which maps TracePriorities to ConsoleColors.
type internal TravisTraceListener() =
interface ITraceListener with
/// Writes the given message to the Console.
member __.Write msg =
let color = ConsoleWriter.colorMap msg
let write = ConsoleWriter.writeAnsiColor
match msg with
| TraceData.ImportantMessage text | TraceData.ErrorMessage text ->
write true color true text
| TraceData.LogMessage(text, newLine) | TraceData.TraceMessage(text, newLine) ->
write false color newLine text
| TraceData.OpenTag (tag, descr) ->
match descr with
| Some d -> write false color true (sprintf "Starting %s '%s': %s" tag.Type tag.Name d)
| _ -> write false color true (sprintf "Starting %s '%s'" tag.Type tag.Name)
| TraceData.CloseTag (tag, time, state) ->
write false color true (sprintf "Finished (%A) '%s' in %O" state tag.Name time)
| TraceData.ImportData (typ, path) ->
write false color true (sprintf "Import data '%O': %s" typ path)
| TraceData.TestOutput (test, out, err) ->
write false color true (sprintf "Test '%s' output:\n\tOutput: %s\n\tError: %s" test out err)
| TraceData.BuildNumber number ->
write false color true (sprintf "Build Number: %s" number)
| TraceData.TestStatus (test, status) ->
write false color true (sprintf "Test '%s' status: %A" test status)
| TraceData.BuildState (state, _) ->
write false color true (sprintf "Build State: %A" state)
let defaultTraceListener =
TravisTraceListener() :> ITraceListener
let detect () =
BuildServer.buildServer = BuildServer.Travis
let install(force:bool) =
if not (detect()) then failwithf "Cannot run 'install()' on a non-Travis environment"
if force || not (CoreTracing.areListenersSet()) then
CoreTracing.setTraceListeners [defaultTraceListener]
let Installer =
{ new BuildServerInstaller() with
member __.Install () = install (false)
member __.Detect () = detect() }