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/// Contains functions which allow the SHA1 of a file with git and without it.
module Fake.Tools.Git.SHA1
open Fake.Core
open Fake.Tools.Git.CommandHelper
open System.Security.Cryptography
open System.Text
/// Calculates the SHA1 for a given string.
let calcSHA1 (text:string) =
Environment.getDefaultEncoding().GetBytes text
|> SHA1.Create().ComputeHash
|> Array.fold (fun acc e ->
let t = System.Convert.ToString(e, 16)
if t.Length = 1 then acc + "0" + t else acc + t)
/// Calculates the SHA1 for a given string like git.
let calcGitSHA1 (text:string) =
let s = text.Replace("\r\n","\n")
sprintf "blob %d%c%s" s.Length (char 0) s
|> calcSHA1
/// Shows the SHA1 calculated by git.
/// Assumes that the CommandHelper module can find git.exe.
let showObjectHash repositoryDir fileName =
let _,msg,_ = runGitCommand repositoryDir (sprintf "hash-object %s" fileName)
msg |> Seq.head
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