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/// Contains a task to send notification messages to a [Slack]( webhook
[<System.Obsolete("Use Fake.Api.Slack instead")>]
module Fake.SlackNotificationHelper
open System.Net
open Newtonsoft.Json
/// The Slack notification attachment field parameter type
[<System.Obsolete("Use Fake.Api.Slack.NotificationAttachmentFieldParams instead")>]
type SlackNotificationAttachmentFieldParams = {
/// (Required) The field title
Title: string
/// (Required) Text value of the field
Value: string
/// Whether the value is short enough to be displayed side-by-side with other values
Short: bool
/// The Slack notification attachment parameter type
[<System.Obsolete("Use Fake.Api.Slack.NotificationAttachmentParams instead")>]
type SlackNotificationAttachmentParams = {
/// (Required) Text summary of the attachment that is shown by clients that understand attachments but choose not to show them
Fallback: string
/// The title of the attachment
Title: string
/// Content to which the title should link
Title_Link: string
/// Text that should appear within the attachment
Text: string
/// Text that should appear above the formatted data
Pretext: string
/// Color of the attachment text. Can be hex-value(e.g. "#AABBCC") or one of "'good', 'warning', 'danger'.
Color: string
/// Text to be displayed as a table below the message
Fields: SlackNotificationAttachmentFieldParams[]
/// The Slack notification parameter type
[<System.Obsolete("Use Fake.Api.Slack.NotificationParams instead")>]
type SlackNotificationParams = {
/// (Required) The message body
Text: string
/// Name the message will appear to be sent from. Default value: Specified in your Slack Webhook configuration.
From: string
/// Channel to which the message will be posted. Default value: Specified in your Slack Webhook configuration.
Channel: string
/// The icon to be displayed with the message. Default value: Specified in your slack Webhook configuration.
Icon_URL: string
/// The emoji to be displayed with the message. Default value: Specified in your slack Webhook configuration.
Icon_Emoji: string
/// Whether to force inline unfurling of attached links. Default value: false.
Unfurl_Links: bool
// Richly formatted message attachments for the notification
Attachments: SlackNotificationAttachmentParams[]
// Whether or not to link names of users or channels (beginning with @ or #), Default value : false
Link_Names: bool
/// The default Slack notification parameters
[<System.Obsolete("Use Fake.Api.Slack.NotificationDefaults instead")>]
let SlackNotificationDefaults = {
Text = ""
From = null
Channel = null
Icon_URL = null
Icon_Emoji = null
Unfurl_Links = false
Attachments = Array.empty
Link_Names = false
/// The default parameters for Slack notification attachments
[<System.Obsolete("Use Fake.Api.Slack.NotificationAttachmentDefaults instead")>]
let SlackNotificationAttachmentDefaults = {
Fallback = ""
Title = null
Title_Link = null
Text = null
Pretext = null
Color = null
Fields = Array.empty
/// The default parameters for Slack notification attachment fields
[<System.Obsolete("Use Fake.Api.Slack.NotificationAttachmentFieldDefaults instead")>]
let SlackNotificationAttachmentFieldDefaults = {
Title = ""
Value = ""
Short = false
/// [omit]
let private lowerCaseContractResolver = { new Newtonsoft.Json.Serialization.DefaultContractResolver() with
override this.ResolvePropertyName (key : string) =
/// [omit]
let private ValidateParams webhookURL (param : SlackNotificationParams) =
if webhookURL = "" then failwith "You must specify a webhook URL"
if param.Text = "" && param.Attachments.Length = 0 then failwith "You must specify a message or include an attachment"
let validateField (field : SlackNotificationAttachmentFieldParams) =
if field.Title = "" then failwith "Each field must have a title"
if field.Value = "" then failwith "Each field must have a value"
let validateAttachment (attachment : SlackNotificationAttachmentParams) =
if attachment.Fallback = "" then failwith "Each attachment must have a fallback"
Array.iter(fun field -> validateField field) attachment.Fields
Array.iter(fun attachment -> validateAttachment attachment) param.Attachments
/// [omit]
let private SerializeData data =
JsonConvert.SerializeObject(data, Formatting.None, new JsonSerializerSettings(NullValueHandling = NullValueHandling.Ignore, ContractResolver = lowerCaseContractResolver))
/// Sends a notification to a Slack Channel
/// ## Parameters
/// - `webhookURL` - The Slack webhook URL
/// - `setParams` - Function used to override the default notification parameters
[<System.Obsolete("Use Fake.Api.Slack.sendNotification instead")>]
let SlackNotification (webhookURL : string) (setParams: SlackNotificationParams -> SlackNotificationParams) =
let sendNotification param =
use client = (new WebClient())
client.Headers.Add(HttpRequestHeader.ContentType, "application/json")
client.UploadString(webhookURL, "POST", SerializeData param)
|> setParams
|> ValidateParams webhookURL
|> sendNotification
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