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Fix build.cmd

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1 parent c0c3571 commit 6cce74d7f6064b7f6ad8e27ac83d9f5b41a0a622 @forki forki committed Feb 5, 2014
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@@ -14,18 +14,4 @@ SET TARGET="Default"
IF NOT [%1]==[] (set TARGET="%1")
-"tools\FAKE\tools\Fake.exe" "build.fsx" "target=%TARGET%"
-rem Bail if we're running a TeamCity build.
-if defined TEAMCITY_PROJECT_NAME goto Quit
-rem Loop the build script.
-set CHOICE=nothing
-echo (Q)uit, (Enter) runs the build again
-set /P CHOICE=
-if /i "%CHOICE%"=="Q" goto :Quit
-GOTO Build
-exit /b %errorlevel%
+"tools\FAKE\tools\Fake.exe" "build.fsx" "target=%TARGET%"

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