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Deep integration into the .NET SDK and .Net Core
Global dotnet cli-tool dotnet tool install fake-cli -g --version 5.0.0-*
dotnet-fake cli tool via DotNetCliToolReference
Standalone .zip xcopy deployment and various package manager integrations (for example chocolatey).
The old runner (FAKE nuget package) is obsolete
FakeLib and FAKE.Deploy are obsolete - #1820
Clean and modularized API - A lot of stuff is obsolete now as it moved to a different location and will be removed with version 6
Feature to import fake modules - https://fake.build/fake-fake5-modules.html
Migration guide - https://fake.build/fake-migrate-to-fake-5.html
New and clean CLI interface - https://fake.build/fake-commandline.html
build.sh and build.cmd are no longer required
Modules can be used in regular projects
You can extend FAKE more easily - https://fake.build/fake-fake5-custom-modules.html
API Guideline - https://fake.build/contributing.html#API-Design
Improved F# scripting support including support for command-line arguments
Learn more - https://fake.build/fake-fake5-learn-more.html