F# Data: Library for Data Access
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F# Data: Library for Data Access

The F# Data library (FSharp.Data.dll) implements everything you need to access data in your F# applications and scripts. It implements F# type providers for working with structured file formats (CSV, HTML, JSON and XML) and for accessing the WorldBank data. It also includes helpers for parsing CSV, HTML and JSON files and for sending HTTP requests.

We're open to contributions from anyone. If you want to help out but don't know where to start, you can take one of the Up-For-Grabs issues, or help to improve the documentation.

You can see the version history here.


  • Simply build FSharp.Data.sln in Visual Studio 2015, Mono Develop, or Xamarin Studio. You can also use the FAKE script:

    • Windows: Run build.cmd
      • AppVeyor build status
    • Mono: Run build.sh
      • Travis build status

Supported F# Runtimes

  • FSharp.Core (F# 3.0)
  • FSharp.Core (F# 3.1)
  • FSharp.Core (F# 4.0)

Supported platforms

  • .NET Framework 4.0
  • PCL profile 7 (.NET Framework 4.5, Windows 8)
  • PCL profile 47 (.NET Framework 4.5, Silverlight 5, Windows 8)
  • PCL profile 259 (.NET Framework 4.5, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone Silverlight 8)


This library is that it comes with comprehensive documentation. The documentation is automatically generated from *.fsx files in the content folder and from the comments in the code. If you find a typo, please submit a pull request!

  • F# Data Library home page with more information about the library, contributions, etc.
  • The samples from the documentation are included as part of FSharp.Data.Tests.sln, make sure you build the solution before trying out the samples to ensure that all needed packages are installed.

Support and community

Library license

The library is available under Apache 2.0. For more information see the License file in the GitHub repository.


Although this project is hosted in the fsharp repository for historical reasons, it is not maintained and managed by the F# Core Engineering Group. The F# Core Engineering Group acknowledges that the independent owners and maintainers of this project are Gustavo Guerra and Tomas Petricek.