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include $(topsrcdir)config.make
all clean install do-proto do-final do-2-1 install-2-1 clean-2-0 clean-2-1 clean-4-0:
$(MAKE) -C src/fsharp $@
-rm -r fsharp-$(DISTVERSION) fsharp-$(DISTVERSION).tar.bz2
mkdir -p fsharp-$(DISTVERSION)
(cd $(topdir) && git archive HEAD |(cd $(builddir)fsharp-$(DISTVERSION) && tar xf -))
list='$(EXTRA_DIST)'; for s in $$list; do \
(cp $(topdir)$$s fsharp-$(DISTVERSION)/$$s) \
tar cvjf fsharp-$(DISTVERSION).tar.bz2 $(patsubst %,--exclude=%, $(NO_DIST)) fsharp-$(DISTVERSION)
du -b fsharp-$(DISTVERSION).tar.bz2
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