Browse files warn about not using the same prefix as mono

Lots of users think fsharp for Linux default installation path is
different than mono "by default". What happens is that the configuration
phase just configures the installation prefix as /usr/local by default
if nothing is supplied.

To better clarify this, we add a warning.
(As integration with xbuild is not likely going to work if different
prefix is used, as I haven't tested that scenario yet.)
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1 parent 0199232 commit 46179e5e6d6c273c283e63af430e7c06aca9475d @knocte knocte committed Sep 24, 2012
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@@ -67,3 +67,7 @@ src/fsharp/FSharp.Compiler.Server.Shared/Makefile
+if ! test -e $prefix/bin/mono; then
+ AC_WARN($prefix/bin/mono not found: it is recommended to use the same install prefix where mono is insalled)

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