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# Directories
base_d = $(abspath ..)
test_d = $(abspath test)
tmp_d = $(abspath tmp)
bin_d = $(abspath bin)
# Elisp files required for tests.
src_files = $(wildcard ./*.el)
obj_files = $(patsubst %.el,%.elc,$(src_files))
integration_tests = $(test_d)/integration-tests.el
unit_tests = $(filter-out $(integration_tests), $(wildcard $(test_d)/*tests.el))
utils = $(test_d)/test-common.el
# Emacs command format.
emacs = emacs
load_files = $(patsubst %,-l %, $(utils))
load_unit_tests = $(patsubst %,-l %, $(unit_tests))
load_integration_tests = $(patsubst %,-l %, $(integration_tests))
# HACK: Vars for manually building the ac binary.
# We should be really able to use the top-level makefile for this...
ac_exe = $(bin_d)/fsautocomplete.exe
ac_fsproj = $(base_d)/FSharp.AutoComplete/FSharp.AutoComplete.fsproj
ac_out = $(base_d)/FSharp.AutoComplete/bin/Debug/
# Installation paths.
dest_root = $(HOME)/.emacs.d/fsharp-mode/
dest_bin = $(HOME)/.emacs.d/fsharp-mode/bin/
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
.PHONY : test unit-test integration-test packages clean-elc install byte-compile check-compile check-compile run
# Building
$(ac_exe) : $(bin_d) ~/.config/.mono/certs
xbuild $(ac_fsproj) /property:OutputPath="$(bin_d)"
mozroots --import --sync --quiet
install : $(ac_exe) $(dest_root) $(dest_bin)
# Install elisp packages
$(emacs) $(load_files) --batch -f load-packages
# Copy files
for f in $(src_files); do \
cp $$f $(dest_root) ;\
# Copy bin folder.
cp -R $(bin_d) $(dest_root)
$(dest_root) :; mkdir -p $(dest_root)
$(dest_bin) :; mkdir -p $(dest_bin)
$(bin_d) :; mkdir -p $(bin_d)
# Cleaning
clean : clean-elc
rm -rf $(bin_d)
rm -rf $(tmp_d)
clean-elc :
rm -f *.elc
rm -f $(test_d)/*.elc
# Testing
test unit-test :
HOME=$(tmp_d) ;\
$(emacs) $(load_files) --batch -f run-fsharp-unit-tests
integration-test : $(ac_exe) packages
HOME=$(tmp_d) ;\
$(emacs) $(load_files) --batch -f run-fsharp-integration-tests
test-all : unit-test integration-test check-compile check-declares
packages :
HOME=$(tmp_d) ;\
$(emacs) $(load_files) --batch -f load-packages
byte-compile : packages
HOME=$(tmp_d) ;\
$(emacs) -batch --eval "(package-initialize)"\
--eval "(add-to-list 'load-path \"$(base_d)/emacs\")" \
-f batch-byte-compile $(src_files)
check-declares : packages
HOME=$(tmp_d) ;\
$(emacs) -batch --eval "(package-initialize)"\
--eval '(when (check-declare-directory "$(base_d)/emacs") (kill-emacs 1)))'
check-compile : packages $(obj_files)
HOME=$(tmp_d) ;\
$(emacs) -batch --eval "(package-initialize)"\
--eval "(add-to-list 'load-path \"$(base_d)/emacs\")" \
--eval '(setq byte-compile-error-on-warn t)' \
-f batch-byte-compile $<
run : $(ac_exe) packages
HOME=$(tmp_d) ;\
$(emacs) $(load_files) -f configure-fsharp-tests
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