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RFC FS-1040: Bug Fix for compiling matches against enums, now throws FS3191

In F# 4.1 a bug fix was made that means code may no longer compile. Because this was a breaking change to some code this "RFC" documents this bug-fix post-hoc.

Reason: pattern matching against enums cannot take a variable anymore.

Repro steps

This may illustrate the issue:

module TestFS3191 =
    type MyEnum = 
        | Value1 = 1
        | Value2 = 2
        | Value3 = 3

    let testEnum =
        let foo = MyEnum.Value1

        match foo with
        | MyEnum.Value1 foo -> foo   // error in VS2017, no error in VS2015
        | MyEnum.Value2 foo -> foo
        | MyEnum.Value3 foo -> foo

F# 4.0 behavior


F# 4.1 behavior

error FS3191: This literal pattern does not take arguments

Known workarounds

Update the code. Presumable, the coder wanted as foo, or didn't intend to use foo in that location in the first place and it got there. I noticed that it gets ignored by the compiler. If you try this:

        match foo with
        | MyEnum.Value1 a-> a   // error on second "a", it says it isn't defined

Mea culpa

@dsyme says:

This was a bug fix. The code should never have been accepted. We could have made it a warning but chose to just make the fix instead. Given the time that has passed I'd imagine we'll leave it like it is now.

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