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F# RFC FS-1050 - Add TryGetValue on Map

This proposes to add a TryGetValue method on the FSharp.Collections.Map type.

  • Approved in principle
  • Implementation: Ready


The Map type currently supports the TryFind member returning an Option. This adds the performance-friendly TryGetValue member to avoid any need for an allocation on return.


To improve performance of lookup using standard .NET techniques.

Detailed design

/// <summary>Lookup an element in the map, assigning to <c>value</c> if the element is in the domain 
/// of the map and returning <c>false</c> if not.</summary>
/// <param name="key">The input key.</param>
/// <param name="value">A reference to the output value.</param>
/// <returns><c>true</c> if the value is present, <c>false</c> if not.</returns>
member TryGetValue: key:'Key * [<System.Runtime.InteropServices.Out>] value:byref<'Value> -> bool


let mp = Map.ofList [("doot", 1); ("beef", 2); ("hoopty", 3)]

match mp.TryGetValue "doot" with
| (true, value) -> printfn "Value: %A" value
| (false, _) -> printfn "No value found!"


There may be confusion for newcomers about which lookup technique to use.


Add a new method returning a struct option. But it is better to support the standard .NET method name and pattern.


Not a breaking change.

Unresolved questions


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