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FSharp - An F# Package for Sublime Text

This package provides support for F# development in Sublime Text.

FSharp is currently a preview and not ready for use. If you want to contribute to its development, you can read on to learn how to set up a development environment.

Developing FSharp

Pull requests to FSharp are welcome.

FSharp is only compatible with Sublime Text 3.

General steps

  • Clone this repository to any folder outside of Sublime Text's Data folder
  • Edit files as needed
  • Publish the project using make install or .bin/Build.ps1
  • Restart Sublime Text
  • Run the tests via command palette: FSharp: Run Tests


See below for platform-specific instructions.

Development environment - Linux/Mac

Copy FSharp's content manually to {Sublime Text Data Path}/Packages/FSharp.

Development environment - Windows


You must set $STDataPath in your PowerShell session to Sublime Text's Data path.

Build process:

Run .\bin\GetDependencies.ps1 once to get dependencies. Run .\bin\Build.ps1 to build and publish the files locally.

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