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Bitpoll is a software to conduct polls about Dates, Times or general Questions.

This is a new version of the Dudel from opatut ( used on <>, rewritten using the Django framework as a backend.

Using Docker

docker build --tag <imagename>
cd <workdir>
mkdir -p run/{log,static,config}
cp <original_dir>/bitpoll/ run/config/
vim run/config/
docker run -a stdout -a stderr --rm --name bitpoll -p 3008:3008 -p 3009:3009 --volume `pwd`/run/static:/opt/static --volume `pwd`/run/config:/opt/config --volume `pwd`/run/log/:/opt/log <image_name>

The Static assets from /run/static have to be served from the Webserver at /static/. The Container listens for uwsgi traffic on Port 3008 and for HTTP traffic on Port 8009

TODO: add example nginx Config

Manual Install

Get the code:

git clone

Generate a Python virtualenv and install dependencies:

virtualenv -p $(which python3) .pyenv
source .pyenv/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt

Copy bitpoll/ to bitpoll/ and customize the local settings.

Initialise Database:

./ migrate

Run Testserver:

./ runserver


In production Senty is used for error reporting. django-auth-ldap is used vor login via ldap uwsgi to serve the app

Install Dependencies for Production:

sudo apt install g++ make python3-psycopg2 python3-ldap3 gettext gcc python3-dev libldap2-dev libsasl2-dev

Install Python Dependencies

pip install -r requirements-production.txt

Configure examples are in

our used uwsgi config can be found at

For Production systems it is nessesarry to run

./ compilemessages
./ collectstatic

Management of Dependencies

We use pip-tools to manage the dependencies. After modification or the requirements*.in files or for updates of packages run

pip-compile --upgrade --output-file requirements.txt
pip-compile --upgrade --output-file requirements-production.txt

to sync your enviroment with the requirements.txt just run


this will install/deinstall dependencies so that the virtualenv is matching the requirements file