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FsLab is a curated set of templates, libraries and scripts-as-journals support for doing data science with F#.

See https://fslab.org for getting started. One way is as follows:

dotnet new -i FsLab.Templates
dotnet new fslab-journal -lang F# -n Experiment1


cd Experiment1
build html
build show
build run  (watches for changes)
edit Experiment1.fsx or open Experiment1.fsproj

Developer notes

Project structure

The project produces three things:

  1. FsLab A NuGet package containing the FsLab.fsx load script for a consistent set of packages, plus some extra formatters
  2. FsLab.Templates Templates for 'dotnet new' and Visual Studio. Each template includes an FsLab build script and F5 launcher for processing the literate scripts into reports.
  3. fsx2html Used by FsLab build scripts to process F# literate scripts into HTML and LaTex

The source files in the repository are organized as follows:

Directory or file Comment
misc Icons and other non-source-code things
src/fsx2html Source for the DLL in the fsx2html NuGet package
src/Html HTML formatters for literate scripts not included in other packages
src/Text Text formatters for literate scripts not included in other packages
src/Shared Styling and server support for literate scripts not included in other packages
src/experiments Item templates
src/journal Journal project template
src/dotnet-templates Extra files for 'dotnet new' template support
src/vs-templates Extra files for Visual Studio template support
src/FsLab.fsx Script included in the FsLab NuGet package
src/*.nuspec NuGet files for building the packages
build.fsx FAKE script that does all the magic (below)

Building FsLab

If you want to be able to build FsLab Journal template, you'll need Visual Studio 2017 SDK. To update one or more dependencies, use the following steps:

  • Run git clean -xfd to make sure that there are only source files around
  • Run .paket/paket.exe update to update the dependencies
  • Run build to build and test everything
  • Add new line with version information to RELEASE_NOTES.md!
  • Run publish from command line to upload NuGet package (if you have the rights)


set APIKEY=...
.nuget\NuGet.exe push bin\*.nupkg  %APIKEY% -Source https://www.nuget.org