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FsLab project templates

This repository hosts FsLab project templates compatible with many F# editors. Using the templates, you can start with FsLab in 3 simple steps:

  1. Download a selected template
  2. Build it to download FsLab packages
  3. Open scripts in your editor & play!

1. Download a template

To get started, download a branch with the template as a ZIP file and extract the files. The repository currently hosts the following templates:

  • FsLab Basic template - references FsLab and gives you a single script file with simple demo
  • FsLab Journal template - in addition to the above, this template also lets you write literate FsLab scripts and produce HTML or LaTeX reports

2. Build the template

Visual Studio and Xamarin Studio should download FsLab packages automatically on build. If this doesn't happen (or when using other editors), you need to explicitly install them.

  • In the basic template, run paket install. For example, when using mono on Mac, run:

     mono .paket/paket.bootstrapper.exe
     mono .paket/paket.exe install
  • In the journal template you can use build scripts build.sh and build.cmd. The following will process all journals and open them in a web browser:

     chmod +x build.sh
     ./build.sh run

3. Use FsLab for fun & profit!

Once you have the template and packages, you can open the Tutorial.fsx file and start playing with FsLab. For more information, see the Getting Started page on www.fslab.org.