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F# Community Incubation Space for Data Science and Machine Learning with F#

Hi there! 👋 We are FsLab

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About FsLab

FsLab is a center of gravity for data science projects written in and/or for F#. Our vision is to provide a safe haven for these projects to align their APIs, find new contributors and/or maintainers, and catalyze the formation of a coherent, productive data science environment for F# and .NET.

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How does it work?

FsLab in its current form is quite new, which also means that there are no strong guidelines and established processes - which might actually be one of its strengths. We currently offer projects to "join" FsLab in 3 ways:

  • Make your project a FsLab project by moving the project to the FsLab github organization. Depending on the size of your project, this can increase the visibility of your project the most. You will of course retain ownership of the repo, but FsLab admins will have access as well (and can serve as backup maintainers). Examples of projects that took this road are FSharp.Stats and flips. Please note that this does not mean that FsLab admins are automatically obliged to maintain your project - it is still yours.

  • Make your project a FsLab-endorsed project by creating high quality tutorial and blog post content for FsLab and/or using the FsLab theme for your project documentation


  1. statistical testing, linear algebra, machine learning, fitting and signal processing in F#

    F# 159 46

  2. Deedle Public

    Easy to use .NET library for data and time series manipulation and for scientific programming

    F# 845 194

  3. flips Public

    Fsharp LInear Programming System

    F# 226 27

  4. RProvider Public

    Access R packages from F#

    F# 226 73


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