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Python command line utilities, code puzzles and examples.

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Some various Python from my day to day. 

Right now there are a few files:

1.) - a WIP class of some custom file manipulation methods that I use on the regular.

2.) - allows you to make automatic posts to your hosted wordpress blog. this is cool because you can use it as a jumping off point to make yourself an "auto blog". get really excited about writing a new series of articles, only to forget about posting every month like you promised your readers? write 12 articles, setup this script as a cron job on your server and let it rip. now you have a blog that keeps itself updated and you only have to worry about writing some more articles come next year.

3.) Spotify Tech Puzzles - Some of my solutions to the Spotify tech puzzles challenges. Still working on a few bugs but should be able to submit for review shortly since they'll let anybody know what they did wrong.

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