Standalone Point-of-Sales System for Garfield
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The garfield-pos project is an implementation of a stand-alone
interactive interface to the Garfield database backend.
It fetches input generated by multiple kbserver instances
(see kbserver/) such as Numpads and Barcode scanners, and
feeds that input to a state machine implementing basic
shopping cart and checkout functionalities.

The frontend/ folder contains the main logic implementation.
The kbserver/ folder contained the evdev input server, but the
project has since moved to its own repository (For further information,
consult the readme in there).
The displayd/ folder contains code for interfacing a vaccuum fluorescence
POS display (directly piping the frontend output to a serial port is also

A simplified graph of the state machine can be found in
flow.png, as well a more abstract system graph in system.png

The latest version of garfield-pos can be found at

Build prerequisites
	See respective folders

	- Compile the needed components (kbserver, frontend, displayd)
	- Create configuration files for each component (see the respective
	- Run the auxiliary providers (kbserver, displayd) first
	- Then start the frontend instance