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FSEvents bindings for Go (macOS)

GoDoc Reviewed by Hound

FSEvents allows an application to monitor a whole file system or portion of it. FSEvents is only available on macOS.

Warning: This API should be considered unstable.


Known caveats of the macOS FSEvents API which this package uses under the hood:

  • FSEvents returns events for the named path only, so unless you want to follow updates to a symlink itself (unlikely), you should use filepath.EvalSymlinks to get the target path to watch.
  • There is an internal macOS limitation of 4096 watched paths. Watching more paths will result in an error calling Start(). Note that FSEvents is intended to be a recursive watcher by design, it is actually more efficient to watch the containing path than each file in a large directory.


Request features and report bugs using the GitHub Issue Tracker.

fsevents carries the same LICENSE as Go. Contributors retain their copyright, so you need to fill out a short form before we can accept your contribution: Google Individual Contributor License Agreement.