macOS file system notifications for Go.
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nathany Cannot use nil for CFType (Go 1.10+)
fixes #40

Cannot use nil for CFType (Go 1.10+), round 2

reducing code changes between Go versions

conversions can occur in older Go versions too

extract eventIDSinceNow constant to other files

Go-version specific files.

reworks #34 which resolves int overflow #31

minimize code differences between Go versions

Work around bizarre bugs in 1.10.3 (not 1.10.4)


use C.kCFAllocatorDefault instead of C.CFAllocatorRef(0)

thanks to @havoc-io for the tip

reduce duplication between go 1.10 before/after

thanks to C.kCFAllocatorDefault change
Latest commit 0739535 Aug 26, 2018

FSEvents bindings for Go (macOS)

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FSEvents allows an application to monitor a whole file system or portion of it. FSEvents is only available on macOS.

Warning: This API should be considered unstable.


Request features and report bugs using the GitHub Issue Tracker.

fsevents carries the same LICENSE as Go. Contributors retain their copyright, so you need to fill out a short form before we can accept your contribution: Google Individual Contributor License Agreement.