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Gherkin syntax highlight for the SyntaxHighlighter Evolved plugin for Wordpress.
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SyntaxHighlighter Evolved: Gherkin Brush

What is it and how do I use it?

This plugin adds a brush for Gherkin Syntax.

Here is some examples:

[sourcecode language="gherkin"]Feature: List of books
  In order to loan a book
  As a system user
  I want to see the list of all books in the system

  Scenario: List all books
    Given there are 20 books in the system
    When I navigate to the books list page
    Then I should see the title of the 20 books[/sourcecode]

You can also use the following alias:

  1. cucumber ([sourcecode language="cucumber"][/sourcecode])
  2. freshen ([sourcecode language="freshen"][/sourcecode])
  3. lettuce ([sourcecode language="lettuce"][/sourcecode])

You can see it working (in portuguese) in this blog post:

And how do I install it?

To install this plugin, go to the Download page and download the last release.

After download it, unzip the file inside your themes folder in Wordpress (ROOT/wp-content/plugins/). After extract the plugin, go to the Wordpress admin panel and activate the plugin in Plugins -> Inactive page.

You will need to install Syntax Highlighter Evolved before install this plugin.


Actually this plugin supports only two languages: portuguese and english. You can freely edit the shBrushGherkin.js file and translate the highlighting to your mother tong ;)

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