client: Implement Events() #66

farcaller opened this Issue Jan 29, 2014 · 6 comments


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Events(since uint64) should return a channel (or take a channel and send data to it?) that will get /events updates. It must also gracefully handle network interruptions (reconnect with last good time value).


jhulten commented Feb 19, 2014


Taking a channel allows the caller to specify it is done by closing the channel. Thoughts @fsouza?

I am willing to take a swing at this.


fsouza commented Feb 19, 2014

@jhulten the reader should never close the channel.

I imagine that Events(since uint64) could create a goroutine and write the output to a channel that it returns. Something like:

ch := make(chan type, size)
go func() {
  for _, event := range events {
     ch <- event
return ch

What do you think?


jhulten commented Feb 20, 2014

I put a stake in the ground with #71. I will look at changing it to return a channel tomorrow.


fsouza commented Feb 20, 2014

Thank you, I will have a look within the next hours :)


destari commented May 3, 2014

Should this be closed now?


fsouza commented May 3, 2014

Sure. Thanks!

fsouza closed this May 3, 2014

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