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Example django project that shows how to use Lettuce with Hudson and Fabric (BDD, continuous integration and continuous deployment)
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Continuous integration and deployment with Lettuce, Fabric and Hudson

A simple Django project wich aims show how to use CI, DI and BDD together.

The toolbox contains:

  1. Django, a powerful web framework for Python;
  2. Lettuce, a BDD framework for Python, inspired by Cucumber;
  3. Fabric, a Python tool for building and deploying applications;
  4. Hudson, a simple, powerful and extensible continuous integration server;
  5. Selenium, an amazing tool for tests.


To use this project, you need to install the following tools: Fabric, Django, PyCrypto, Nose, NoseDjango, should-dsl, Selenium, lxml and Lettuce.

You can install some of this stuffs with just a simple command:

$ [sudo] pip install fabric pycrypto django nose nosedjango lettuce should-dsl lxml

That will work only if you use PIP. If you don't use PIP (or setuptools), then you will need to install everything manually. So, good luck :)


I used Selenium with WebDriver, so you need to checkout the Selenium source and build it manually, with the following commands:

$ svn checkout selenium
$ cd selenium
$ [sudo] python install

And it works fine :)

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