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<div id=logo>Fernando Paolo
<span>I am a postdoctoral researcher working with climate science.</span>
<span class="tag">on Presentation</span>
<a class="title" href='./material/index.html'>Talk given at the European Geosciences Union in Vienna </a>
<br>Ice-shelf height variability in Amundsen Sea linked to ENSO</p>
<span class="tag">on Thinking</span>
<a class="title" href='./thinking/index.html'>Spoting the losers - Seven signs of non-competitive states </a>
<br>Traditional indicators of noncompetitive performance still apply: corruption (the most seductive activity humans can consummate while clothed); the absence of sound, equitably enforced laws; civil strife; or government attempts to overmanage a nation..</p>
<span class="tag">on Publication</span>
<a class="title" href='./public/index.html'>New paper on time series from satellite altimetry </a>
<br>F. S. Paolo, H. A. Fricker, L. Padman, Developing improved decadal records of Antarctic ice-shelf height change from multiple satellite radar altimeters, Remote Sens. Environ. (2016). web( | pdf(https://www..</p>
<span class="tag">on Research</span>
<a class="title" href='./research/index.html'>Geophysical data analysis </a>
<br>I work primarily with observations. I am interested in the large-scale monitoring of the Earth's surface. My past and current work include the mapping and change detection of Earth's topography, bathymetry and gravity field, as observed by radar, lid..</p>
<span class="tag">on Research</span>
<a class="title" href='./research/index.html'>Satellite altimetry and ice shelf change </a>
<br>Antarctica's ice shelves exert a significant dynamic constraint on the flow of ice from the grounded ice sheet to the ocean, and hence on changes in global sea level. However, our understanding of how they respond to the changing atmospheric and ocea..</p>
<span class="tag">on Publication</span>
<a class="title" href='./public/index.html'>General-audience article in "The Conversation" </a>
<br>L. Padman, F. S. Paolo, H. A. Fricker, Shrinking of Antarctic ice shelves is accelerating, The Conversation (2015). web(</p>
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