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LaTeX template for my PhD Dissertation

Modified from:

UCSD Doctoral Dissertation LaTeX Class

This folder should contain: template.tex - Primary Driver File template_frontmatter.tex - Where the title, abstract, etc. are held. ucsd.cls - LaTeX class file uct10.clo - Font files associated to LaTeX class file uct11.clo uct12.clo

Instructions: Copy all of the above files to the directory in which you plan to work.
Look over the template to get started.

For more information go to the project wiki page:

Warnings: This template has not endorced by OGS or any other official entity. The official formatting guide can be obtained from OGS. It can be found on the web here:

No guaranty is made that this LaTeX class conforms to the official UCSD guidelines. Make sure that you check the final document against the Formatting Manual.

That being said, this class has been routinely used for successful publication of doctoral theses.

Let us know if you submit a thesis using this package.

Known Issues: Currently only the 12pt size conforms to the UCSD requirements. The 10pt and 11pt options make the footnote fonts too small.

Help/Contact: If you need help try the ucsd-thesis google group:

Bugs: Please report all bugs at:


My PhD Dissertation in LaTeX




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