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Welcome to the Yellow Bike Database Wiki!

Yellow Bike Database (YBDB) is a specialized software for Community Bike Shops (CBS). It is one of the most, if not the most mature solutions currently available for CBSes. Originally, developed for the Austin Yellow Bike Project, this software fork has taken on a life of its own, borrowing on the simplicity of the original software but adding many enhancements to lessen the learning curve, and bring it into the 21st century!

In 2014, Positive Spin of Morgantown, WV in the USA was looking for a way to replace the messy, ineffective, and highly error-prone paper based record system used by the shop. Docker images were created to test out and explore what few projects could be found at the time. YBDB stood out, not because of its appearance, but because of how closely its approach mirrored the paper based recording system used by Positive Spin.

It was a successful choice, and continues to improve! You can read more about the FLOSS process at in this presentation.

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