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# Example configuration for fswebcam
# [2006-09-05:]
# Be very quiet...
# Or be very loud?
# The image source - In this case we are capturing frames from a TV channel
device "v4l2:/dev/video0"
input 0
frequency 670.90
palette YUV420P
resolution 768x576
skip 2 # Skip the first two frames.
frames 1 # And capture one.
# Move the banner to the top and make the background 100% transparent.
font "/home/user/.fonts/luxisr.ttf"
title "Webcam 1"
info "The Office"
banner-colour #FF000000
line-colour #FF000000
# Save it to a shared folder.
save "/home/user/public_html/02-large.jpeg"
# Save another copy for the archive. The archive contains a folder for each
# day of images. First we create the folder if it doesn't already exist.
exec "mkdir /home/user/archive/%Y%m%d 2> /dev/null"
# Then save the image into it.
save "/home/user/archive/%Y%m%d/01-%Y%m%d-%H%M%S.jpeg"
# Scale the image down to half it's size.
scale 384x288
# Move the banner to the bottom and give it some colour.
banner-colour \#40263A93
line-colour \#00FF0000
# Load an overlay image. This is placed above everything, including the banner.
overlay "/home/user/outline.png"
# Save this to the shared folder.
save "/home/user/public_html/02.jpeg"
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