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/* fswebcam -'s webcam generator */
/* Copyright (C)2005-2011 Philip Heron <> */
/* */
/* This program is distributed under the terms of the GNU */
/* General Public License, version 2. You may use, modify, */
/* and redistribute it under the terms of this license. A */
/* copy should be included with this source. */
#ifndef INC_PARSE_H
#define INC_PARSE_H
#define ARG_NONE (0)
#define ARG_NO_QUOTE (1 << 1)
#define ARG_NO_ESCAPE (1 << 2)
#define ARG_NO_TRIM (1 << 3)
#define WHITESPACE " \t\n\r"
/* src: Source string to be parsed.
* sep: String containing characters to use as separators.
* arg: Argument to retreve.
* opt: Options for parser:
* ARG_NO_QUOTE: Ignore quotes.
* ARG_NO_ESCAPE: Ignore escape characters.
* ARG_NO_TRIM: Do not ignore empty arguments.
/* Copies an argument to a user provided buffer.
* At most 'n' bytes are copied (including null-terminator).
* Returns 0 if successful, or -1 if failed.
extern int argncpy(char *dst, size_t n, char *src, char *sep, int arg, int opt);
/* Returns the length of an argument (not including null-terminator).
* On failure returns -1.
extern int arglen(char *src, char *sep, int arg, int opt);
/* Returns a copy of an argument. The memory is allocated with malloc()
* and must be free()'ed when done.
* Returns NULL on failure.
extern char *argdup(char *src, char *sep, int arg, int opt);
/* Returns the number of parseable arguments. */
extern int argcount(char *src, char *sep, int opt);
/* Converts the argument to a long integer. */
extern long argtol(char *src, char *sep, int arg, int opt, int base);
/* Helpers. */
extern int parse_font(char *src, char **font, int *fontsize);
/* Strips the string *str of any preceeding or trailing
* characters that are present in the string *ws. */
extern char *strtrim(char *str, char *ws);