Listen to radio and set up alarms from your computer, and control it from a web UI.
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Listen to radio and set up alarms from your computer, and control it from a web UI. Relies on mplayer.


Features :

  • easy to install (pure python dependencies: just pip install clok)
  • easy to use (just type clok)
  • list / add / remove / edit radios and alarms
  • can play online streams (webradios), but also local tracks or playlists
  • player controls: play / pause / volume up / volume down / mute / go backward / go forward
  • extra player controls for playlists : previous track / next track / shuffle
  • alarms settings allow to chose trigger time, duration, days of week
  • can be controlled via web ui or via REST API (python client inside)
  • web ui translated in french and english (according to system language)


$ sudo apt-get install mplayer
$ sudo pip install clok



  clok [-a ADDRESS -p PORT --database FILE --log LOG]
  clok -h | --help
  clok -v | --version

  -h --help             Show this screen.
  -v --version          Show version.
  -d --database FILE    Specify the database filename (JSON storage).
                        [default: ./db.json]
  -a --address ADDRESS  Specify on which address to listen.
  -p --port PORT        Specify on which port to listen.
                        [default: 8000]
  --log LOG             Specify where to log messages, and which level to set.
                        Can be "stderr", "syslog", or a filename, followed by the level.
                        [default: stderr:INFO]


$ clok -d /home/fred/clokdb.json -p 8080

This command will run clok on port 8080 and store radios and alarms settings in JSON file /home/fred/clokdb.json.

Launch at startup

Clok is easy to launch at startup. For example with supervisord :

command=/usr/local/bin/clok -d /home/fred/clokdb.json

Python client

>>> from clok.client import ClokClient
>>> cc = ClokClient()
>>> cc.list_alarms().json()
{u'alarms': [{u'shuffle': False, u'uuid': u'52f5f8e0-7d09-4d40-b0bd-0acab3220383', u'days': [0, 1, 2, 3, 4], u'disabled': False, u'start': 27000, u'webradio': u'7baec513-0fe8-48f0-9411-69f8b40bc580', u'duration': 1800}], u'status': u'success'}
>>> cc.pause().json()
{u'status': u'success'}