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frameworks: net45, netcoreapp2.0, netstandard2.0
nuget ExcelDataReader
nuget ExcelDataReader.DataSet
nuget FSharp.Core 4.3.4
nuget NetStandard.Library.NetFramework
nuget System.Text.Encoding.CodePages
github fsprojects/FSharp.TypeProviders.SDK src/ProvidedTypes.fsi
github fsprojects/FSharp.TypeProviders.SDK src/ProvidedTypes.fs
group Build
framework: net45
nuget FAKE 4.64.13
nuget FSharp.Formatting 2.14.4
github fsharp/FAKE modules/Octokit/Octokit.fsx
group Test
frameworks: net461, netcoreapp2.0
nuget NUnit 3.6.1
nuget NUnit.Console 3.6.1
nuget NUnit3TestAdapter 3.7.0 version_in_path: true
nuget FSharp.Core 4.3.4
github fsprojects/FsUnit src/FsUnit.NUnit/FsUnit.fs
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