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frameworks: net5.0, netstandard2.0
# These are for TPSDK testing of TPDTCs against .NET Core App 2.0, to make sure references can be found in a known packages/... location.
# The TPSDK testing helpers like these to be placed in pacakges/...
# see
nuget NetStandard.Library.NetFramework
nuget Microsoft.NETCore.App
github fsprojects/FSharp.TypeProviders.SDK src/ProvidedTypes.fsi
github fsprojects/FSharp.TypeProviders.SDK src/ProvidedTypes.fs
github fsprojects/FSharp.TypeProviders.SDK tests/ProvidedTypesTesting.fs
nuget FSharp.Core >= 4.7.2
nuget Microsoft.SourceLink.GitHub copy_local: true
group Fake
storage: none
nuget Fake.Core.Target ~> 5.20.0
nuget Fake.Core.ReleaseNotes ~> 5.20.0
nuget Fake.DotNet.AssemblyInfoFile ~> 5.20.0
nuget Fake.DotNet.Cli ~> 5.20.0
nuget Fake.DotNet.Testing.NUnit ~> 5.20.0
nuget Fake.DotNet.NuGet ~> 5.20.0
nuget Fake.DotNet.MsBuild ~> 5.20.0
nuget Fake.Tools.Git ~> 5.20.0
nuget Fake.DotNet.Paket ~> 5.20.0
# NOTE: These are needed because ProvidedTypesTesting requires paket to install packages.
group Test
frameworks: net5.0
nuget Microsoft.NET.Test.Sdk
nuget NUnit
nuget NUnit3TestAdapter
nuget FsUnit
nuget FsCheck
nuget FSharp.Formatting = 8.0.1
nuget FSharp.Compiler.Service