Templates for F# projects, by the F# community, for use in Visual Studio, Xamarin Studio and other editors
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Templates for F# projects, by the F# community, for use in Visual Studio, Xamarin Studio and other editors

The plan is that there will be multiple directories, for Visual Studio, MonoDevelop etc.

The Visual Studio templates are shipped on Visual Studio Gallery.

Example of how to edit/develop existing Visual Studio Templates

Your contributions to this work are immensely welcome! If you contribute, we love you!

You need the Visual Studio 2012 SDK (when editing the templates with that version of Visual Studio)

  1. Edit the template
  • Extract VisualStudio\FsCsMvc4Template\template\FsMvc4VSIX\ProjectTemplates\ASPNET\FsMvc4.zip

  • Edit the files under VisualStudio\FsCsMvc4Template\template\FsMvc4VSIX\ProjectTemplates\ASPNET\FsMvc4

  • Rezip the files under VisualStudio\FsCsMvc4Template\template\FsMvc4VSIX\ProjectTemplates\ASPNET\FsMvc4 into FsMvc4.zip and move up one directory

  • NOTE: when rezipping, make sure you didn't create an extra directory level called 'FsMvc4' in the zip.

  1. Bump the version number - Edit in C:\GitHub\fsharp\community-templates\VisualStudio\FsCsMvc4Template\template\FsMvc4VSIX\source.extension.vsixmanifest

  2. Build - Open VisualStudio\FsCsMvc4Template\FsCsMvc4Template.sln and build

  3. Install - Go to C:\GitHub\fsharp\community-templates\VisualStudio\FsCsMvc4Template\template\FsMvc4VSIX\bin\Debug and double-click on the VSIX to install it.

  4. Push - Push your improvements to https://github.com/fsharp/community-templates/. The maintainers will

  • Check the adjustments

  • Test in Windows 7, Windows 8 and multiple versions of Visual Studio

  • Push new templates to Visual Studio Gallery


The default maintainer account for projects under "fsprojects" is @fsprojectsgit - F# Community Project Incubation Space (repo management)