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// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
// F# async extensions (BatchProcessing.fsx)
// (c) Tomas Petricek, 2011, Available under Apache 2.0 license.
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
// This example demonstrates how to use 'BatchProcessingAgent'
// The agent groups received messages in groups with a maximal
// size and emits them with a maximal timeout.
#r @"..\build\FSharpx.Core.dll"
open FSharp.Control
open System.Drawing
open System.Windows.Forms
// Create simple winforms user interface with label
let frm = new Form()
let lbl = new Label(Font = new Font("Calibri", 20.0f), Dock = DockStyle.Fill)
lbl.TextAlign <- ContentAlignment.MiddleCenter
// Handle key press events but update the GUI after 5 keys
// have been pressed or after 5 seconds (whichever happens first)
let ag = new BatchProcessingAgent<_>(5, 5000)
frm.KeyPress.Add(fun e -> ag.Enqueue(e.KeyChar))
|> (fun chars -> new System.String(chars))
|> Event.scan (+) ""
|> Event.add (fun str -> lbl.Text <- str)
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