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// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
// F# async extensions (Caching.fsx)
// (c) Tomas Petricek, 2011, Available under Apache 2.0 license.
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
// This example demonstrates how to use 'Async.Cache' and 'AsyncSeq.cache'
#r @"..\build\FSharpx.Core.dll"
open FSharp.Control
// The Async.Cache combinator makes it possible to create asynchronous
// workflow that caches the result and performs computation only once
// when called multiple times.
let op =
async { // Will be printed just once
printfn "Evaluating..."
return 42 }
|> Async.Cache
// The AsyncSeq.cache combinator has similar effect - the asynchronous
// sequence can be used multiple times, but it will evaluate just once
let asq =
asyncSeq { for i in 0 .. 10 do
printfn "Generating %d..." i
yield i }
|> AsyncSeq.cache
AsyncSeq.iter (printfn "Consuming %d") asq
|> Async.RunSynchronously
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