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/// Starting to implement some helpers on top of ProvidedTypes API
module internal FSharpx.TypeProviders.Helper
open System.IO
open FSharpx.Strings
open Samples.FSharp.ProvidedTypes
let findConfigFile resolutionFolder configFileName =
if Path.IsPathRooted configFileName then
Path.Combine(resolutionFolder, configFileName)
let erasedType<'a> assemblyName rootNamespace typeName =
ProvidedTypeDefinition(assemblyName, rootNamespace, typeName, Some(typeof<'a>))
let runtimeType<'a> typeName = ProvidedTypeDefinition(niceName typeName, Some typeof<'a>)
let seqType ty = typedefof<seq<_>>.MakeGenericType[| ty |]
let listType ty = typedefof<list<_>>.MakeGenericType[| ty |]
let optionType ty = typedefof<option<_>>.MakeGenericType[| ty |]
/// Implements invalidation of schema when the file changes
let watchForChanges (ownerType:TypeProviderForNamespaces) (fileName:string) =
if fileName.StartsWith("http", System.StringComparison.InvariantCultureIgnoreCase) then () else
let path = Path.GetDirectoryName(fileName)
let name = Path.GetFileName(fileName)
let watcher = new FileSystemWatcher(Filter = name, Path = path)
watcher.Changed.Add(fun _ -> ownerType.Invalidate())
watcher.EnableRaisingEvents <- true
// Get the assembly and namespace used to house the provided types
let thisAssembly = System.Reflection.Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly()
let rootNamespace = "FSharpx"
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