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StringBuilder monad #201

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do we want to add this: ?



This seems to be an ad-hoc Reader with a bit of sugar. FSharpx can already do this if we add Yield or better YieldFrom to ReaderBuilder:

open System
open System.Text

type StringBuilder with
    static member append (s: string) (sb: StringBuilder) = sb.Append s |> ignore

let runToString (r: StringBuilder -> unit) =
    let b = StringBuilder()
    r b


type ReaderBuilderYieldFrom() =
    inherit FSharpx.Reader.ReaderBuilder()
    member this.YieldFrom a = base.ReturnFrom a

let readerYF = ReaderBuilderYieldFrom()

let bytes2hex (bytes: byte[]) =
    readerYF {
        for byte in bytes do 
            yield! StringBuilder.append (sprintf "%02x" byte)


type ReaderBuilderYield() =
    inherit FSharpx.Reader.ReaderBuilder()
    member this.Yield a = base.ReturnFrom a // we should probably NOT do this, as it doesn't match the standard signature of yield

let readerY = ReaderBuilderYield()

let bytes2hex' (bytes: byte[]) =
    readerY {
        for byte in bytes ->
            StringBuilder.append (sprintf "%02x" byte)


let result = bytes2hex "abcde"B |> runToString
printfn "%s" result

So to sum up:

  • I don't think we should add that computation expression wrapper for StringBuilder.
  • I think we should add Yield = Return and YieldFrom = ReturnFrom to all our monadic computation expressions.

On second thought, I think it's best if we leave ReaderBuilder as it is, and in this example I'd write:

let bytes2hex3 (bytes: byte[]) =
    FSharpx.Reader.reader {
        for byte in bytes do
            do! StringBuilder.append (sprintf "%02x" byte)

which emphasizes the monadic effect much better.


@mausch I like your last statement. I don't think we want to equate Yield and Return by default. That's probably a better discussion to be had on the list, though.


Anyone else want to weigh in? Otherwise I'll close this.

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This issue was closed.
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