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An F# Community Space for incubating open community projects.

Requesting transfer

To request a project to be added or removed from this F# Community Incubation space, please add an issue to this repository.

Onboarding process

If you are a member of the "fsprojects" organization you can create repos here and transfer repos in.

After transfer you remain admin on the project and are expected to continue to respond to issues and make new releases.

After transfer GitHub implicitly redirects accesses to your repo (though not to the old URL of the gh-pages of your repo). Issues and/or wiki are transferred.

After that, the following are normal:

  • A section gets added to the like this one, or please add it yourself

  • You may get help with continuous integration and/or cross-platform builds for the repo.

  • If you don't have much testing or documentation, you may get issues added saying "please add testing" or "please add documentation".

  • Your project will automatically get listed on

  • You may receive a request to make "fsprojects" a co-owner on any nuget packages associated with the repo. This is to ensure the project can has the possibility of living on should you abandon it or not longer be able to publish nuget packages.

  • Should you abandon the project, the admins of "fsprojects" are backup owners (specifically the @fsprojectsgit account). They will try to recruit a new owner.

  • The project might be a bit more visible, so you may get more feedback or contributions. Historically this has happened for many projects.

  • Current admins for fsprojects are Tomas Petricek, Don Syme, Steffen Forkmann and Sergey Tihon


The place to request for projects to be added or removed from the incubation space



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