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/// Contains methods to remove installed packages
module Paket.RemoveProcess
open Paket
open System.IO
open Paket.Domain
open Paket.Logging
open InstallProcess
let private removePackageFromProject (project : ProjectFile) groupName package =
let private remove removeFromProjects (dependenciesFileName: string) alternativeProjectRoot groupName (package: PackageName) force installAfter =
let root = Path.GetDirectoryName dependenciesFileName
let allProjects = ProjectFile.FindAllProjects root
removeFromProjects allProjects
// check we have it removed from all paket.references files
let stillInstalled =
|> Seq.exists (fun project ->
let proj = FileInfo(project.FileName)
match ProjectFile.FindReferencesFile proj with
| None -> false
| Some fileName ->
let refFile = ReferencesFile.FromFile fileName
match refFile.Groups |> Map.tryFind groupName with
| None -> false
| Some group -> group.NugetPackages |> Seq.exists (fun p -> p.Name = package))
let oldLockFile =
let lockFileName = DependenciesFile.FindLockfile dependenciesFileName
let dependenciesFile,lockFile,_ =
let exisitingDependenciesFile = DependenciesFile.ReadFromFile dependenciesFileName
if stillInstalled then exisitingDependenciesFile,oldLockFile,false else
let dependenciesFile = exisitingDependenciesFile.Remove(groupName,package)
let lockFile,hasChanged,_ = UpdateProcess.SelectiveUpdate(dependenciesFile, alternativeProjectRoot, PackageResolver.UpdateMode.Install,SemVerUpdateMode.NoRestriction,force)
if installAfter then
let updatedGroups = Map.add groupName 0 Map.empty
InstallProcess.Install(InstallerOptions.CreateLegacyOptions(force, Requirements.BindingRedirectsSettings.Off, false, false, SemVerUpdateMode.NoRestriction, false, false, [], [], None), false, dependenciesFile, lockFile, updatedGroups)
GarbageCollection.CleanUp(dependenciesFile, lockFile)
/// Removes a package with the option to remove it from a specified project.
let RemoveFromProject(dependenciesFileName, groupName, packageName:PackageName, force, projectName, installAfter) =
let groupName =
match groupName with
| None -> Constants.MainDependencyGroup
| Some name -> GroupName name
let removeFromSpecifiedProject (projects : ProjectFile seq) =
match ProjectFile.TryFindProject(projects,projectName) with
| Some p ->
if p.HasPackageInstalled(groupName,packageName) then
removePackageFromProject p groupName packageName
else traceWarnfn "Package %O was not installed in project %s in group %O" packageName p.FileName groupName
| None ->
traceErrorfn "Could not remove package %O from specified project %s. Project not found" packageName projectName
let alternativeProjectRoot = None
remove removeFromSpecifiedProject dependenciesFileName alternativeProjectRoot groupName packageName force installAfter
/// Remove a package with the option to interactively remove it from multiple projects.
let Remove(dependenciesFileName, groupName, packageName:PackageName, force, interactive, installAfter) =
let groupName =
match groupName with
| None -> Constants.MainDependencyGroup
| Some name -> GroupName name
let removeFromProjects (projects: ProjectFile seq) =
for project in projects do
if project.HasPackageInstalled(groupName,packageName) then
if (not interactive) || Utils.askYesNo(sprintf " Remove from %s (group %O)?" project.FileName groupName) then
removePackageFromProject project groupName packageName
let alternativeProjectRoot = None
remove removeFromProjects dependenciesFileName alternativeProjectRoot groupName packageName force installAfter
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