A prototypical .NET solution (file system layout and tooling), recommended for F# projects
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This project can be used to scaffold a prototypical .NET solution including file system layout and tooling. This includes a build process that:

In order to start the scaffolding process run

> build.cmd // on windows    
$ ./build.sh  // on unix

Read the Getting started tutorial to learn more.

Documentation: http://fsprojects.github.io/ProjectScaffold

Tips for migrating existing project to Scaffold format

* clone ProjectScaffold to new folder
* run the initializing build
* delete .git folder
* copy intitialized scaffold files and folders to original project folder
* git add / commit project -m"first pass migrating to scaffold format" (otherwise git may be confused by next mv)
* git mv necessary project file folders into src folder
* git commit, and any following cleanup

Be sure to do only git mv file renames in a single commit. If you try to commit anything else git will treat the renames as file delete / file add and you will loose history on those files.


ProjectScaffold requires a local git installation. You can download git from Git Downloads.

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