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Experimental type provider for Amazon S3
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S3 Type Provider NuGet Status

A F# type provider for Amazon S3.


// create a type representing the S3 account with the specified AWS credentials
type S3 = S3Provider.Account<"AWS Key", "AWS Secret">

// then access meta-data and content of objects in S3 with full intellisense support!

// immediately after the type representing the account are all the buckets
type bucket = S3.``my.bucket``

// you can then select folders/files from that bucket
type folder = bucket.``2013-12-13/``

// on files, you can get meta-data such as ETag, LastModified, or fetch the content as
//		* Raw   - raw binary array
//		* UTF8  - the content as decoded using UTF8
//		* ASCII - the content as decoded using ASCII
let etag = folder.``My file.txt``.ETag
let utf8 = folder.``My file.txt``.Content.UTF8
let raw  = folder.``My image.png``.Content.Raw
let lastModified = folder.``My image.png``.LastModified

// if the bucket/folder is large, you can also use the `Search<...>` generic type to find
// files in the bucket by prefix
type search = bucket.Search<"2013-12-">

// you can then navigate through the search results the same as before!
let searchResultContent = search.``2013-12-13``.``My file.txt``.Content.Raw

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