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0.0.1-alpha - May 22 2013

  • First alpha version

0.0.2-alpha - June 14 2013

  • Re-factoring and clean-up

0.0.3-alpha - July 27th 2014

  • Major changes basically a complete re-write. See docs for new API.

0.0.4-alpha - August 8th 2014

  • Changed implementation of TCP transport to use pooled SocketAsyncEventArgs.
  • Added fully working remoting example.

0.0.5-alpha - August 20th 2014

  • Fixed a overlapped buffer issue on send in TCP transport

0.0.6-alpha - August 27th 2014

  • Added some more UDP config options
  • Fixed NuGet packaging.
  • Merged pull request from @endeavour - adding TryScan and TryReceive functions.

0.0.7-alpha - September 4th 2014

  • Fixed some issues with event streams not getting passed when an actor is registered.
  • Changed how actor paths are built.
  • Cleaned up APIs' in various places specifically around ActorHost configuration.

0.0.8-alpha - November 3rd 2014

  • Added metrics and metric reporting capabilities
  • Added message tracing support.
  • Removed actor System abstraction
  • DefaultMailbox is now capped by default at 1000000 items. This is configurable
  • Re-arranged solution so it is a far more logical order
  • Added supervisors.
  • Added simple routing primitive - more to come, shortestQueue etc.
  • Fixed UDP malformed packet and multicast constrianed to single router hop problem (#28)
  • Ignored failing tests on build server for now. They pass consistently when run locally.

0.0.9-alpha - November 12th 2014

  • Serailizer options now removed from Actor Host and placed in remoting
  • Updated documentation

0.0.10-alpha - November 15th 2014

  • Added actor lifecycle events - pre/post (Startup, Restart and Shutdown)
  • Fixed failing tests on mono and windows

0.0.11-alpha - November 19th 2015

  • Fixed reference documentation
  • Removed half baked remoting solution