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PHP Lessons

This repository contains the PHP Lessons sources for the free programming courses, held at the TU Dresden.


The ready-to-go slides can be found here All files are available as .tex file in the repository.


Exercises to go along with the courses can be found in the slides itself or on on GitHub pages. All exercices are related to a lesson. The corresponding PDF is linked automatically at the beginning of every task.


To add new slides, copy the template to the slides folder:

cp latex/slides/actual_slide.tex latex/slides/xx_fancy_name.tex

After you're done, add the name of the file to the build_conf.json to enable automatic building (remember to place a , on the line before!). Also, add the information to the _data/materials.yml residing in the gh-pages branch to link it on the materials overview.

These lessons are created and maintained by @manniL.