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Wildfly 9.0.1.Final with HTTP/2 support, as described here:

This image is used for the first example in my HTTP/2 blog.

In addition to enabling HTTP/2 on port 8443, the image also enables the admin console on port 9990, accessable with username admin and password admin.

How To Run

The image is available on Docker Hub, and can be downloaded and run with a single command.

On Linux, run it as folows:

docker run -t -i fstab/wildfly-http2:9.0.1.Final

If you are using boot2docker on Windows or Mac, you need additional parameters to publish the ports on the boot2docker VM:

docker run -t -p 8443:8443 -p 9990:9990 -i fstab/wildfly-http2:9.0.1.Final

Wildfly becomes available on https://IP_ADDRESS:8443 where IP_ADDRESS depends on if you are using boot2docker or not.

On Linux, the IP_ADDRESS is the address of the Docker container, which you can find out by first running docker ps to learn the container ID, and then docker inspect <id> to get the IP address.

With boot2docker, the IP address can be found with the command boot2docker ip.

Building the Docker Image from Source

  1. Make sure Docker is installed.

  2. Clone fstab/docker-wildfly-http2 from GitHub.

    git clone
  3. Build the docker image

    cd docker-wildfly-http2
    docker build -t="fstab/wildfly-http2:9.0.1.Final" .