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Unofficial Go wrapper library for the British Gas Hive API.
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Unofficial Go wrapper library compatible with the API used by Hive (by British Gas) smart devices.


This software is in no way endorsed by British Gas. The underlying REST API is undocumented and subject to change at any time, which means this code library may suddenly stop working.

Use at your own risk.

In addition, the library only supports a subset of the API - specifically, the devices I personally own. Most notably, smart heating is not supported.

Contributions are welcome.

Basic usage

import ""

Construct a new client and login (it's recommended to keep the credentials in a variable, as you can reuse them when the token expires):

  client := hive.NewClient()
  c := &hive.Credentials{
    Username: "",
    Password: "qwerty",
    URL:      "",
  if err := client.Login(c); err != nil {
    log.Fatalf("Failed to login: %v", err)

Example use:

  fmt.Println("Listing smart lights in your home...\n")
  for _, d := range client.Devices() {
    if d.IsLight() {
      fmt.Println(d.ID(), d.Color(), d.ColorTemperature(), d.Brightness())

      // If the light bulb is named "Living room", turn it on
      if d.Name() == "Living room" {

Sending commands

Commands such as turning a light on or off are called changes in the library.

To create a new change, use hive.NewChange() and then call on it the method that specifies what kind of change you want to do.

A few examples:

  // All methods of the Change object mutate it.
  // This will turn on the light when sent to it.
  ch := hive.NewChange()

  // All methods return the change object itself, for the purpose of chaining.
  // The above can thus be simplified like this:
  ch := hive.NewChange().TurnOn()

  // A single change object can contain multiple changes. This will turn on the
  // light and set the brightness to 50 at the same time.
  ch := hive.NewChange().TurnOn().Brightness(50)

  // Some methods may contract / cancel the ones called before.
  ch := hive.NewChange().TurnOn().TurnOff() // same as hive.NewChange().TurnOff()

Once the Change object is constructed, it can be sent to the device using the Do method of it.

  device := client.Device("some-light-device-id")
  ch := hive.NewChange().TurnOn()
  if err := device.Do(ch); err != nil {
    fmt.Printf("Failed to turn on light: %v", err)

Full example

For a full example, check out hivecli, a complete CLI solution for accessing your Hive devices.


Please see the GoDoc documentation for more information on the API.

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